Testimonials from a selection of patients

See below a selection of testimonials from Claire Jackson PT clients, including pelvic floor, chronic pain and sports related injuries. 

Kayla M. on feeling better (and pain free) from Claire Jackson Physical Therapy

Claire is the absolute best. Her knowledge of the body and variety of healing techniques is incredible. Not only does she show you how to improve on your own with targeted exercises and specific moves, but she is so hands on that you leave a session already feeling better. I am amazed every time I see her with what she is able to do.
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Allison B. on her postpartum (pelvic floor) physical therapy treatment

I saw Claire for pelvic floor PT after giving birth to my son.  As a PT myself and someone who had a relatively easy delivery, I wasn't sure if I was going to get much out of PT.  Claire was amazing and in only a few visits I was feeling significantly better throughout my entire body.  I assumed Claire would only assess my pelvic floor but she did a total body evaluation and we ended up treating my upper back, hips, and core as well as my pelvic floor.  I found all of our in person sessions extremely helpful and therapeutic as Claire is a mom herself and understands what our bodies go through on a daily basis postpartum.  I would highly recommend Claire for any orthopedic or pelvic floor PT as she is thorough, kind, and gets effective results.

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Donna S. on the physical strength and functionality that she has regained

I cannot speak highly enough of the exceptional care and expertise I experienced throughout my rehabilitation journey with Claire.
Her genuine concern for my well-being was evident creating an immediate sense of ease within the inviting and comforting atmosphere.
I am filled with gratitude for the positive impact Claire has had on my life. Thanks to her knowledge, compassion, and personalized approach, I regained physical strength and functionality and gained renewed confidence in my body's ability to heal.
I highly recommend Claire to anyone in need of an amazing physical therapist.
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Chris D. on overcoming his chronic pain and injuries with Claire Jackson PT

Competitive sports have been an important part of my life since I was young.  Now that I'm in my mid-40s, injuries have happened more regularly. Fortunately, I have been able to work with Claire over the course of multiple years for both acute injuries as well as chronic pain.  Claire's approach to treating these injuries has always been thoughtful and tailored specifically to me.  She also takes a multifaceted approach to treatment, using all of the tools available to her.  Finally, I believe that Claire truly wants me to recover and continue engaging in the activities I love. I am certainly more healthy now than I would be without Claire as a teammate.

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Sari C. on tackling her acute shoulder injury with hands on physical therapy

I cannot express enough what an integral part Claire played in healing my shoulder and reversing my poor posture. After suffering with acute shoulder pain for 6 months, I decided to see if PT could save me from medication and surgery. After 8 weeks working with Claire, my pain had drastically reduced. Through office visits, exercise homework, and some lifestyle changes I am happy to report that I am 100 percent pain free today. I highly recommend Claire, she is an expert in her field!

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Sarah S. on her physical therapy treatment for overcoming a sports related injury

I was referred to Claire for a sport-related injury, and was hoping for pain relief so that I could resume being active.  Her comprehensive expertise with my type of injury was obvious within a few minutes.  What set Claire apart from other Physical Therapists, however, was her motivation to understand why the injury occurred and to help me resume being as active as I wanted to be while doing so pain free.  Her therapy sessions are focused on only one patient at a time, and include time dedicated to symptom relief as well as education to continue the healing process and prevent further injury after the session is over.  I truly feel lucky to have found Claire when I did, and my regular ongoing sessions are now a part of my overall wellness program.  I have referred many patients, including my own family members, to Claire knowing they will be healthier and happier for having gone to her for help.  

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