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Discover the difference with Claire Jackson Physical Therapy

Claire Jackson Physical Therapy provides high quality, individualized care, helping you to reach your goals and fulfill your potential in Natick, Metrowest. Claire quickly gets to the root of your pain and dysfunction for excellent clinical outcomes and long-term wellness benefits. 

The difference: Claire sets herself apart from what she has coined as “factory setting” physical therapy which she feels is heavily dictated by insurance in most traditional Physical Therapy clinics. Physical therapy with Claire is always one-on-one and tailored to your specific needs. She primarily uses a hands-on approach, and prescribes corrective exercises as indicated for a home exercise program. Your session will never be consumed by running though exercises you already know and could be doing at home or in a gym setting. Claire has over 16 years of physical therapy experience, including areas of expertise such as orthopedics and pelvic floor physical therapy. 



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Discover exceptional hands-on physical therapy in Natick with Claire Jackson Physical Therapy

With over 16 years of clinical experience, Claire brings expertise in orthopedic and pelvic health rehabilitation. Benefit from a holistic, whole-body approach that incorporates manual techniques, soft tissue and joint mobilization, ensuring maximum success in restoring movement patterns and function. Claire's commitment extends beyond traditional physical therapy, bridging the gap from rehab to long-term wellness. Explore the transformative journey to optimal health with Claire, where sessions are tailored to your unique needs.


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