Claire's core physical therapy specialties

16 years of physical therapy experience

Areas of specialty include orthopedic rehab and pelvic health rehab. Claire uses a whole body approach which is tailored to each individual's needs. She uses a hands-on approach which includes a wide range of manual techniques including soft tissue and joint mobilization to address mobility restrictions and allow for maximum success in restoring moving patterns and function. 


Claire Jackson's physical therapy career

Claire completed her BSc in Applied Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, where she realized her passion for human movement and function. This naturally led to her pursuing her Masters in Physical Therapy from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, where she graduated in 2008. Claire started her career in the U.K where she specialized in sports and orthopedic rehabilitation before moving to the U.S. in 2011 to progress her physical therapy career.

Claire specialized in pelvic health physical therapy in 2017 shortly after the birth of her first child, where she experienced first hand some of the challenges new moms can have in the postpartum period. Today, Claire has over 16 yrs clinical experience as a physical therapist and she supports patients with a variety of pelvic health and orthopedic needs.


One on one hands-on physical therapy

Formalized by patients' individualized needs

Claire understands the importance of spending time with each client and feels one-on-one treatment is vital for getting to the root of each individual's dysfunction. Sessions with Claire are never rushed and are not dictated by insurance. They are dictated by patients' individualized needs. She sees failure in the traditional Physical therapy / healthcare setting mainly due to shortage of time spent with patients which ultimately leads to putting “band-aids” on symptoms and inferior patient outcomes. Her unique style of physical therapy helps bridge the gap from rehab into wellness for long-term benefits. 


A wee bit about Claire

When Claire is not treating patients she enjoys spending quality time with her hubby and two daughters, Cadha and Isla. She loves to “practice what she preaches” by keeping active and helping others do the same. Yoga is her favorite way to exercise for its benefits in physical and mental wellbeing.